Why Choose Ripple Associates?

Why should you do business with us?

   We are a technology-forward lighting agency which sets us apart from our competitors

We are anchored by lighting controls innovation leaders such as Legrand and Audacy Wireless

Our lines are market leaders in technology

Our niche is in what buildings of the future

will look like and we

offer these lighting and control solutions


We also specialize in lighting showroom representation. In fact, this is when our agency began. We have 5 full time sales associates dedicated to this channel and they are all backed up by a world class service and support team.     

What can we do for our customers?

We are dedicated in providing exceptional service through sales, specification, system design, and marketing

We establish trust with our customers in every channel to offer viable solutions for lighting and controls

We are the first in our specifiers offices talking about circadian rhythm, dynamic environments, and human-centric lighting

Our controls team is there to support the implementation of these applications, making it painless & seamless for our specifiers to complete 


We have an experienced and knowledgeable sales team with a customer-friendly support staff​